(1:30PM) What the SPLOT is That?

Using ready-made customised WordPress sites to create collaborative websites for teaching and learning…


16th April 2018


DMLL Teaching Room
(Third Floor, Lancherster Library)


Alan Levine

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This practical session will introduce you to the world of the Simplest Possible Learning Online Tools (SPLOTs) and will give you an opportunity to explore a number of WordPress themes that have been modified to make content-sharing easier.

What are the benefits?

During the session you will be able to install a SPLOT of your choice within your domain to create an open learning space for your students. The end of the session will be devoted to identifying ideas for improving current SPLOTs and/or developing new ones based on you context.

Topics covered

SPLOT’s Available as Prebuilt WordPress Sites in Coventry.Domains

Log into your account at https://coventry.domains/.

You have two options for placing your SPLOTs, either as subdirectories of your domain, like:

But you can also create sites like:

To do the latter you first must create a placeholder subdomain… in your cpanel, scroll to the Domains section and click the icon for subdomains

Enter the name you wish to put to the left side of your domain, and click Create

To create as a subdirectory, you can do that directly in the WordPress installation.

From the cpanel look for the WordPress icon.

The first screen is just an overview of WordPress, next click “Install this Application”.

The options for Location determine where in your domain this new site will go. To go with a subdirectory, just enter it’s name in place of “blog” under Directory — this new site will sit at the entrance to our domain. If you have set up a subdomain, select it from the top menu (and delete the word “blog” from the Directory field).

Scroll down to Version — what you will find here are some options for some pre-built WordPress sites that already have themes and demo content for you to start from. Choose one of the SPLOT options (see links for examples):

You can enter the blog title in the installer also; it can also be modified in WordPress. Leave the default username and password for the site- it is secure and you will be able to login as you will see soon in one click.

When the installer is done, your new site should be listed in your Applications; the first link lets you see the site as a visitor will see it; the second link is the one that logs you in to the dashboard to edit the site.

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